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Time for American Geezer? With so many 'idol' shows out there you have to wonder where it all ends. Amercian Idol, Canadian Idol, Kiddie Idol (whatever), Just maybe the time is right for American Geezer(Idle?).
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Independent vs Commercial
Commercial ... sounds pretty one-sided, doesn't it? Commercial music holds all the cards: money, contacts, exposure, etc. Who is the typical music fan going to listen to? A band with a top10 single or a band with no record deal, no reputation, and no money?
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Extra! Extra! Read All About You! What the hell is a press kit? Itís your demo, photo, and bio. Who needs a press kit? You do. Also known as a promo package, a press kit will open doors to a record deal, gigs, and press interviews. Create your own marketing ruckus, and the industry will be on you like stank on sh*t....
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Grand Stand

Space Lady
The Space Lady is San Francisco's most enchanting street musician.

Whether on keyboard or accordion, her music stops sidewalk traffic even in this multi-task town. Contrary to this dramatic photo taken on Market Street near Castro, she usually performs wearing a steel helmet with angel wings, making her easy to recognize but belying the credibility of her haunting vocal interpretations of well known songs. Mister SF always requests Time After Time or Spanish Harlem. A San Francisco favorite is Over the Rainbow. The Space Lady, whose real name is Susan Dietrich, made only one recording for sale. It featured Susan performing live on Casio with effects. With encouragement from her many fans in San Francisco, I am sure she can be convinced to make a new studio recording of the music San Franciscans know and love so well. When she does, Mister SF will be the first to tell you.

Cause and Effect - An Autobiographical

Finding a dilapidated, old accordion in a junk store was the major cause in turning Susan Dietrich's life around. At the time, back in the early seventies when Richard Nixon was embroiled in the Watergate fiasco, and the Vietnam war was still raging in Southeast Asia, she and her husband Joel and their tiny daughter were political exiles living like refugees in their own country, terrified that Joel would be imprisoned for having resisted the draft. For nine years they had subsisted on spare change and meager sales of their artwork on the streets of Boston. The discovery and purchase of that little squeeze-box inspired Susan to take it into "battle", the war on their own personal poverty. Down into the dark, noisy subway stations of subterranean Boston she went, where she slowly learned to pick out simple, familiar tunes like "Take Me Out to the Ballgame," and "When Irish Eyes Are Shining". There must've been something rather quaintly charming about this thin little street waif literally singing for her supper, for in the very first hour she made twenty dollars in change plus a twenty dollar bill from an elderly couple wishing her well. She soon discovered that by playing from early morning rush hour through the entire day, she could pull in over eighty dollars, an impressive amount for the times and on the street, while Joel stayed home caring for the baby. The accordion was eventually retired in favor of the very first Casio keyboard released on the American market, a toy by today's standards. But with Joel's previous experience playing in various rock bands, they plugged the Casio into a phase-shifter, mic-ed Susan's voice through an echo unit, wired her tip box with twinkling lights, and crowned her with a winged helmet complete with a blinking red ball on top. She worked out arrangements for songs with other worldly themes, such as "Fly Me to the Moon", "Somewhere Over the Rainbow", "Ghost Riders in the Sky", "Radar Love" and "Major Tom". The response from the public was overwhelming. Suddenly, she was being referred to as "The Space Lady", and pictures of her began appearing in the papers and on TV. The cash flow became phenomenal; a cassette of space music soon followed (as did another baby), and the small family was finally able to return to San Francisco where Joel and Susan had met. Her music was received even more enthusiastically there, and she was flocked by people asking for interviews or requesting to make videos. To this day, 20 years later, she still receives letters and emails from her fans from coast to coast and around the world. But the most valuable and treasured aspects of her career were those of personal growth: acquiring "street smarts", becoming humble and compassionate, appreciating people from all walks of life, and discovering her talents and inner strengths, such as her lovely voice, her creativity, her originality, courage, tenacity, and her ability to find humor in the most difficult of situations. To think she owes it all to that little "Stomach Steinway" found in a junk store back in Beantown, Massachusetts!

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Berklee News
Keep on Truckin'
The only true way to test your mettle as a musician is to get out there and see how you sound. Berklee students and faculty are doing just that, as they play shows in Puerto Rico, Italy, and Macworld Boston, among other locales.
Pat Metheny Puts Finishing Touch on Concert Series Guitar great Pat Metheny headlined Song's Nothing Conservatory About It Concert Series, sharing the stage with two groups of students and Executive Vice President Gary Burton. The concert came after a week of Metheny-produced student recording sessions.
Hitting The Road A few weeks ago, Berklee's largest graduating class moved on and President Emeritus Lee Eliot Berk said goodbye to the school that he has led for 25 years. And now, with the summer semester underway...
Grand Stand
Space Lady
If you haven't seen the Space Lady perform, then you have really not experience San Francisco. The Space Lady is San Francisco's most enchanting street musician. Whether on keyboard or accordion, her music stops sidewalk traffic even in this multi-task town. Read more...
Interview With Hit Songwriter and Author Jason Blume Blume's New Book, 'Inside Songwriting: Getting to the Heart of Creativity'
Hit Songwriter and Author Jason Blumeís new book, Inside Songwriting: Getting to the Heart of Creativity (Billboard Books) was released earlier this year. Jasonís cuts include songs with Britney Spears, the Backstreeet Boys, John Berry.
Cyndi Lauper - At Last Epic
With this collection of classic and contemporary American standards, it would appear that the quirky broad from Queens has finally grown up. Eschewing Lou Albano for the company of Tony Bennett and Stevie Wonder, Lauper indeed demonstrates a great deal of maturity.
Interview With Vision Music USA President Josh Epstein By: MuzikMan (Associate Writer)
Vision Music USA is a proactive and progressive music service firm with the interest of their clients the driving force that makes them successful. President Josh Epstein and CEO Nick Stamoulis are focused on helping the Independent artists to maintain control of their career by saving them time and their hard-earned dollars.

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