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Time for American Geezer? With so many 'idol' shows out there you have to wonder where it all ends. Amercian Idol, Canadian Idol, Kiddie Idol (whatever), Just maybe the time is right for American Geezer(Idle?).
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Under The Covers

Is it time for American Geezer?

With so many 'idol' shows out there you have to wonder where it all ends. American Idol, Canadian Idol, Kiddie Idol (whatever), I guess the time is right for American Geezer (Idle?).

Why not? Probably the best talent the US and Canada have languished in bars where they have been playing for 15-20 years or so. These guys and gals wouldn't be overwhelmed by the pressure and would welcome the chance to share their talents for a shot at their 15 minutes of fame.

I for one, would better appreciate hearing and seeing some of this talent more so than 'newbies' who are at the very beginning of development.

Simple format. Go to every city and ask around to find out which singers have been around the longest with a consistently good performance record. I think you would have a consensus very quickly. This would of course provide the base needed to begin the elimination. In the end, only the true kickass performers would survive. People who would never be heard on a national level would now have a chance to show us what we've been missing. I believe for one, that the best talent out there is not necessarily what the record companies jam down our throat. What do the suits know about 'art' anyway? Their decisions are based on how much return on investment they get and have already decided what they want the listeners to hear.

Many of these artists never get signed because their music is too complicated, introspective or otherwise not 'mainstream' enough. Sometimes they don't even aspire to the lifestyle and the financial deal that comes with a recording contract. If you knew the details of what a record company offer is you wouldn't be all that surprised that some pass on it. (My next article will be focused on these so called record 'deals' and who prospers and who doesn't)

Bring on the American Geezer. I figure that this latest talent contest 'boom' has to end somewhere. Since they start from the very young it only makes sense that they finish with the geezers. Don't you think?


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