(AP) Clark Wants to End Up Where She Started

Having lots of international adventures has freed Terri Clark to discover something important about herself: she'd like to end up where she started. Clark hails from a small town in Alberta and says the one place she'd like to settle down in her older years is Alberta, or at least, someplace in Canada.

Clark says "It's so funny how people come full circle, back where they belong." She says "You're always who you were when you left there _ you carry that with you forever."

In other news, Clark recently met with Dan Rather. The CBS anchor missed Clark's press dinner in New York several months ago, and the singer was disappointed not to meet him. But Clark was playing a music festival in Oklahoma recently, and got word that Rather was there and wanted to say "hi." The two got together and talked for a good 20 minutes.

Clark says she almost fell over when he told her he owned her record and thought it was terrific, and said he was sorry he missed her party. Clark muses, "It's a pretty crazy life we lead. There you are in Oklahoma, playing a festival for the fans and you just never know who's gonna show up."