Under the Covers you find a Tribute

I'm always amazed that bands starting out still believe the best way to have a career is to sound like someone else. For this I blame a lot of club owners and agents for perpetuating the 'myth' that people will only like you if you sound 'just like the recording' Of course they will like you if they are a fan of the band you are covering and you sound like their favorite Cd.... but what does that do for the long term?

Even worse than the 'cover' bands is the 'tribute' or 'I cant believe that's not Aerosmith' bands usually naming themselves after someone else's Cd or song. The singer pays the biggest price as he gets known more as a 'mimic' than an artist in his own right. Most of the time, the singer usually ends up with voice problems due to singing like someone else all the time instead of working with the voice and face structure that God gave them. In the end, they will certainly have trouble finding their own vocal styling that separates them from the rest. These bands can make a good living for a time but don't expect a recording contract this way.

In most major cities, new acts have at least a few venues that cater to a more eclectic group of patrons. There you can present new material or a different version of someone else's song, but too many bars still hire only bands that replicate (or should I say regurgitate) other people's material. This has the impact of a Jukebox, and you can see it in the way the bands are ignored and treated as background music. Some of the 'I can't believe it's not Korn' tribute bands fare better with the audiences but only because they want to be watching Korn and not the UNTOUCHABLES.
(If there is a real band out there called the Untouchables doing a Korn tribute, let me make this clear that this example was pure coincidence and no I've never seen you play...)

For the bands that do this I'm sorry if this offends you, and I can relate as I've done the same thing myself, but if you are serious about a career then it's just the wrong way to go, plain and simple. However, if you want to work the bars and weddings all your life then no harm done.

To the bands doing their own material and starving to find places to work.... I salute you.


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