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Indie News Beat


April 25, 2006 Edition

* Jann Klose Featured on Warner Bros DVD "Dead Broke"
* Listening To Songs Pays Off With New Invention
* Latin, Reggae, And Middle Eastern Influenced Instrumentals With A Dreamy Dub Feel
* Ghana Songwriter Selasee Wins International Song Competion
* Carey Ott Tours With Thomas Dolby
* Lula World 2006 - The Festival That Needs Its Own Passport
* The Easter Weekend Sleeper Files ­ Wabbits in Da House
* Bob Baker Publishes First-Ever MySpace Music Promotion Book
* Latin Rock Act The Monas Sign To Wattsup! Record Label In Miami
* Kevin Cahoon, of Broadway's 'The Wedding Singer', Releases New CD
* Hip Hop Veteran Kabir Releases New Album "Peaceful Solutions"

Jann Klose Featured on Warner Bros DVD "Dead Broke"

Warner Bros DVD "Dead Broke", slated for release on May 30th, will be featuring NY-based singer-songwriter Jann Klose's song "Black Box" (Jann Klose - Black Box EP - Black Box) that can be heard playing over the credits. The filem star Paul Sorvino, John Glover, Tony Roberts, Jill Hennessy and Justin Theroux, and features music from David Byrne.

Jann's live video of "Walk Through The River" has passed 60.000 downloads on file sharing networks and can be seen on Swept Away TV, a high school and college student run music show seen in over 60 markets in the U.S. click here to download the video). If you are a Mac User or have an iPod Video, download it at Google Video: klose

Jann is a motivated musician and artist, successfully booking shows and performing throughout the Midwestern and North-East U.S. and in his native Germany. Klose's genre is singer-songwriter, and he's been described as "a young Sting and less histrionic Jeff Buckley" by the Cleveland Scene Magazine and as "soulful and exciting" by the Boston Phoenix.

Jann Klose's current digital EP, Live At The Bitter End features four songs ­ new tunes: "Beautiful Dream," and "Doing Time," plus a jammin' live version of "Walk Through The River" (the studio version appears on Jann's EP, Black Box (Jann Klose - Black Box EP), as well as a lucid, call & response rendition of T-Bone Walker's "Stormy Monday Blues." The digital EP also includes cover art, liner notes, wallpaper, lyrics, and a video clip.

Here are more dates from Jann:
April 26, Mole's Eye Cafe, Brattleboro, VT
April 27, People's Pint, Greenfield, MA
April 29, Nectar's, Burlington, VT
May 14, The Rockwood Music Hall, New York, NY
June 7, Beachland Tavern, Cleveland, OH (w/Joe Deninzon)
June 8, The Maennerchor, Youngstown, OH (w/Joe Deninzon)
June 9, The Old Miami, Detroit, MI (w/Joe Deninzon)
June 10, Linneman's, Milwaukee, WI (w/Joe Deninzon)
July 5, 12, 19 & 26, Kukuun, Hamburg, Germany
July 28, TUUC, Lutherville, MD


Listening To Songs Pays Off With New Invention

We have music surrounding us every day, all year long. At work, during the morning drive in to our jobs, while we eat, play, drink, and sleep. A music company out of the USA, has conceived a brand new way to make things a bit more interesting. International Song Bank is introducing a new product to the music market called "Song Puzzles". This concept has been developed to pave a new way to earn money from songs, poems, and even pictures or videos. The idea has patents pending with the U.S. patents offices.

The idea came about one night in the owners office as he was thinking about the current ways of marketing really doesn't do much for the "FANS" of bands or singers, except to pull cash money from thier wallets. ISB thinks that it is time for some changes." Music fans earn from our systems". ISB and the "Songpuzzle" are a type of treasure hunt within the lyrics of a song. " Sponsors of the game put up prizes for the chance to be involved and receive advertising within our systems". Each song is different, and the game within the song is different from any other songpuzzle. "An unlimited number of games can be made from one song. An unlimited number of players can play at home or online".Dan Scott,owner and inventor says " Some of the clues can be given out LIVE at concerts also".

Secret words and clues are given out over the radio by DJ's which lead to solving a riddle or code number hidden within the song lyrics. Each game lasts about 20 to 60 days. As the clues are collected by the listeners of the stations, each player has the opportunity to win the prizes put out by the sponsors of each game. It could be cash, anything from a truck from FORD, or even a home from CENTURY 21, a diamond ring or a trip to Paris, but the prizes will be fantastick. The more people who play the game, The better the prizes will be. Each game entry price is $29.00 which includes a cd with the game on it and a number of other great songs by our artists who have been chosen to be a part of this promotion.

There are country songpuzzles, rock, dance, folk, gospel, blues, jazz and many others. " Each station of course plays thier own style pertaining to the format of that station". A radio station may be a sponsor and sell or give the games away to listeners. The owner says, "Each game can raise around $200,000 and up"This depends on the number of players in each game. that's all we can say for now. This is fantastick for fund raising groups or churches and anyone who needs money.

This is also a great promotion for a new band who wants to have a new niche for thier songs. Interested, intrigued, or curious music lovers may contact us. The sky is the limit with this idea. Distributors, Sponsors, Record Labels, and Fans of music, Please visit our exciting new web site. Real demos of some of our songs may be heard and purchased at search artist Jamie Gazelle, or and soon at ISB is now in pre launch and national ads are soon to run. A full business plan is available for interested people also. The first game starts April 30, 2006. To be a player or a dealer call us soon. Great prizes are in the planning stages right now for this kick off event. There are plans for a live info-mercial next year. Sponsors will be a major soda company and car company, and will be shown in various cable and syndicated markets.


Latin, Reggae, And Middle Eastern Influenced Instrumentals With A Dreamy Dub Feel

Rafi Levy, an Israeli born guitar player from Los Angeles, California, has released his debut solo album, "Desert Cruising in a Dub State of Mind." The album contains 11 beautiful tracks that take you on a journey visiting Spain, The Middle East, South America, Greece, the Caribbean and more. "I've been looking all over for an album of this caliber! This album has the perfect mix of Reggae, Latin, Surf, Middle Eastern and downright Groove!" independent reviewer Ron Moore writes.

Rafi Levy has seamlessly bridged the gap between Latin, Reggae and Middle Eastern melodies and created an original and overall infectious Dub flavor. In his latest release, "Desert Cruising in a Dub State of Mind," Rafi wrote, arranged, produced, and hand-picked some of today's most talented musicians to accompany his six strings.

Rafi's dedication and commitment to music know no limitations. He has been exploring and studying different sounds and styles, both foreign and timeless, since the age of twelve. "I want to put out my own CDs in different styles and incorporate different influences of mine from all over the world," the Grant Green, Ernest Ranglin, Jimi Hendrix and Bob Marley influenced musician ex-plains. "But express it the way I hear and feel it. I want to create something positive for people."

Rafi listens to many different styles of music, and he says he's always open to hearing new ideas and new music. One can hear a lot of different influences and musical feels and elements in the music he writes. "I'm into playing anything as long as it sounds good to me and is played with passion, feeling, soul and I am having fun doing it," Rafi comments. "I am not into imitating other people or trying to sound like somebody else. I like to listen to music and learn things from people, but when I come to write music, I forget about everything and put all that stuff aside."

"Desert Cruising in a Dub State of Mind" is a mix of Latin, Reggae, Greek, and Middle Eastern influenced instrumentals with a dreamy Dub feel. If you like music like The Gypsy Kings, Santana and World Music that blends cultures and musical feels from around the world, you will definitely love this music. This music will relax, inspire and put you in a positive state of mind.


Ghana Songwriter Selasee Wins International Song Competion

"His single, "Run", is sure to become an international hit." Dominique Leguern, General Director, MIDEM

"Run," written by Selasee Atiase, was awarded First Place in the World Music category at the 2005 International Songwriting Competition (ISC)'s held on Monday. Noteworthy, "Run" (Selasee Atiase - Run - Run) was also awarded the second place from the People's Choice vote, all categories of this prestigious competition. Born in Accra, Ghana, Atiase started playing guitar and performing with his local church group in his early teenage years. He graduated from the School of Performing Arts at the University of Ghana, Legon in 1999 and has been performing and recording since then. In addition to the ISC win, another big break for the song "Run" came at the 2005 Midem in Cannes, France, where the song was chosen for the soundtrack of the "Fifa 2006" video game by EA Sports. His debut album, recorded by Running Dream Records, is receiving airplay across the U.S., Germany, and Ghana.

"When Electronic Arts Inc. bought Selasee's single Run for its FIFA 2006 soccer game,... sales of his first album have taken off since the game's October launch; iTunes and Napster now stock it." "His career is rocketing because of the FIFA 2006." (Laurence Frost, Associated Press, January 26, 2006)

Selasee has just returned from a trip to Ghana, where he made an appearance at the "Ghana Music Awards". He has also been selected recently to showcase at the famous "Viper Room" during the prestigious MUSEXPO event at Hollywood, California, in May 2006.

About Running Dream Records
Running Dream Records, from Montréal, has been created to promote the growing career of Selasee, world music and pop-reggae singer/songwriter. Running Dream Records has produced the album titled Run, distributed mainly online through iTunes, Napster, Yahoo Music and MSN Music, to name just a few. The album is also available on Amazon and CD Baby.


Carey Ott Tours With Thomas Dolby

The Dualtone Music Group and Gary Taylor Management recommend that you put everything aside and pay attention to a musical tour that will defy all logic, conjure up memories of the past and place you in the front line to discover possibly one of the most important singer songwriters of his generation Carey Ott!

Headlining these shows is one Thomas Dolby, celebrating his first tour in 15 years; the seminal British musical intellect who placed electronic music squarely in front of mainstream audiences worldwide with his massive hit "She Blinded Me with Science". Dolby counts as his friends, and and has worked with the likes of: David Bowie, Stevie Wonder, Tim Curry, Joni Mitchell, George Clinton, etc.

Dolby added his keyboardist genius to the Rogers Waters production of Pink Floyd's "The Wall" [live in Berlin].

The tour kicks off May 4, 2006 at the legendary Joe's Pub in New York City, U.S.A., and ends in Chicago May 17, 2006 with two nights at Martyrs', one of Chicago's premier live music clubs.

Carey will be opening the show with his three piece presentation accompanied by guitarist/vocalist Satchel Paige Welch and keyboardist Kai Welch. The three of them will play songs from the upcoming CD release "Lucid Dream" due out June 26, 2006. Also expect a flavoring of newly minted compositions as Ott points poetically towards the future.


Lula World 2006 - The Festival That Needs Its Own Passport

An amazingly rich and varied festival lineup is around the corner for Lula World 2006, May 3-14. Salsa, soul, cowboy-jazz, Middle Eastern percussion/bellydance rock, South Asian, Momgrunge. The Parachute Club's first T.O. show of 2006.CD release concerts from Adam Solomon, Kellylee Evans, and the Bebop Cowboys. And of course, the Lula All-Stars and Havana North salsa blowouts where the city's best salsa players will be burning the walls down for the home crowd. Visit for the schedule, event pages, to get on the mailing list, and for contests to win free admission. Stay tuned for all sorts of related left-of-the-dial enlightenment from festival performers on the CBC & community radio over the next couple of weeks. You'll need reservations to get in to a lot of these nights -- call 416.588.0307 to get a table.

The club will be hosting a special media cocktail reception this Thursday night, 04/20 at 1585 Dundas St. W. Head west for the cocktails, canapes & conversation with the performers, club VIPs and of course esteemed word-spreading colleagues.

ComPosition's co-presenting the opening night Bollywood Fever benefit for the Monayr Asha Aid Foundation that has a stunning lineup Indo- and worldbeats with Sundar Viswanathan, Gurpreet Chana, Devika Mathur, the TC Ras and medicineman on the decks. Sundar returns Monday May 8, leading the South Asian spectrum sounds of his Avataar Collective, featuring tabla master Ravi Naimpally of Tasa, the divine Felicity Williams on vox; with medicineman once again globetrottingly dubbing it up.


The Easter Weekend Sleeper Files ­ Wabbits in Da House

The salsa phenomenon that is Bio Ritmo came up to Canada this week with their "notoriously good time (The Washington Post) and then some. Two packed houses, at E-bar in Guelph on Thursday and last night at Lula, experienced what is undoubtedly among the most vibrant and creative live salsa bands on Earth. "A breath of fresh air," and "Right up there amongst the many shows I've seen" were the standouts from the feedback. Bio Ritmo be back in Canada for several dates over the summer. See them at least once. Morgantown, WV is now burning in the midnight hour... muchas gracias, Bio Ritmo Salsa Machine. There are Good Fridays. And then there are Really Good Fridays.

Special thanks to everyone who got behind the Toronto show and made it one for the ages: Brownwoman (and partner in red-carpet crime Maria) and Mom for making sure with love that the sWhile Bio Ritmo was causing the ruckus in Guelph , about 140 were rocking to Kobo Town and I.An.Eye's island vibes doble at Lula with Chocolate and Patrick Roots on decks. Kobo Town's been lighting it up all over the place lately, opening for David Rudder & Andy Narell on Jazz by Genre III Apr. 2 at the Mod Club; props to Graham for another JbG quarterly killer -- hit up & make sure to catch the Latin-Brazilian JbG IV this summer when the word drops. The debut Kobo Town full-length is officially in the home stretch, which means an announcement for a can't-miss CD release party is in the ether.


Bob Baker Publishes First-Ever MySpace Music Promotion Book

It's one of the great Internet success stories of the modern era. With tens of millions of registered users and hundreds of thousands of music acts setting up free profiles on the site, has become a godsend for countless independent artists -- including Relient K, My Chemical Romance, Arctic Monkeys, and Hawthorne Heights.

MySpace is now one of the top five or ten most popular web sites on the planet -- right up there with Google, Yahoo and Ebay in total visitors and page views. According to author Bob Baker:

- If you aren't promoting your music on MySpace yet, you need to start -- fast!

- If you already have a MySpace artist profile, you need to make the best use of it so you get the maximum exposure possible.

"For the past few months I've been researching MySpace and uncovering how the most successful acts use it to reach thousands of fans, make connections, and advance their music careers," says Baker, who is the author of "Guerrilla Music Marketing Handbook" and editor of and

What Baker discovered along the way is that most artists misuse the many free features that MySpace offers and simply don't squeeze the most potential out of them.

"I searched far and wide for useful how-to information on MySpace music marketing ... and couldn't find any. Nothing," he says. "So I decided to publish it myself."

The result is a 65-page, first-ever, one-of-a-kind ebook called "MySpace Music Marketing: How to Promote and Sell Your Music on the World's Biggest Networking Web Site."

Sections include:

- How to Set Up a Killer MySpace Profile
- Using MySpace to Turbo-Charge Your Indie Music Career
- Artist Survey of 29 Successful Indie Musicians
- Bonus Section: 33 More Places to Network, Attract Fans, Post MP3s and Videos, Create Podcasts, and More


Latin Rock Act The Monas Sign To Wattsup! Record Label In Miami

Latin Rock act The Monas signed to the WATTSUP! record label in Miami. The Monas are Pipe Maria(vocals/guitar), Juan (drums), Nando (guitar) and Francisco (bass). Juan and Francisco had already tasted of success back in their native Colombia, with a # 1 hit, a gold album and opening concerts at stadiums for artists such as Shakira with their previous band Los de Adentro. They later met Pipe Maria and Nando, both session guitar players also from Colombia and the lineup was complete. The Monas decided to record at The Audiolounge Recording Studios (Miami,Fl) where they met with Producer/Executive A&R rep Dennis Murcia, who also happened to sign and produce Los de Adentro's debut Platinum selling album for Sony Music.

"After hearing the quality of the songwriting and musicianship, I signed them on the spot" said Dennis, "they are the real thing, write their songs effortlessly in Spanish and English, and perform great live. The complete package, and in an age of computer artists, it is very exciting to be able to work with career artists like The Monas. Not to mention that they are also great guys to work with, down to earth". Their album release party will be next week during the Billboard Latin Music Conference & Awards in Miami. The Monas will perform at the Heineken showcase, followed by a gig at the legendary Tobacco Road.


Kevin Cahoon, of Broadway's 'The Wedding Singer', Releases New CD

Kevin Cahoon And Ghetto Cowboy deliver explosive rock infused with glitter on their debut record, DOLL. The album features 8 original gritty rock songs written and performed by Cahoon backed by guitar, drums, bass and keys. The band is one of the most buzzed about new arrivals on New York's downtown music scene; the pop, power and glam theatricality of their live events are captured for the first time on CD with this new studio recording.

The album ranges from the poppy tongue-in-cheek "Fashionista" and "Bitch" to the angry outcast anthem, "Doll." Proclaiming "I am the freak/I am the f*g/I am the weirdo one you couldn't stand/I am the geek/I am the nerd/you beat me up when I was ten," this title track is ëRevenge of the Nerds' taken to the next level. Other songs include "Star Ballad", which is reminiscent of The Smashing Pumpkins, lighters-in-the-air "Mirrorball Prophecy", and an inventive punk rendition of the classic "Could I Have This Dance" first made famous by Anne Murray.

The album is being released through Sh-K-Boom Records, a Razor & Tie/Sony BMG distributed label, known to "bridge the gap between pop music and theater." With a sound unique to what one might expect from a Broadway actor, Kevin Cahoon is quickly building a fan base in the indie music world, due to his live shows and abundance of press. Kevin Cahoon and his band Ghetto Cowboy have been heralded by New York Times, Time Out New York, and The Advocate, among others.

Kevin's pistol power performances and raw theatrics on the rock n' roll stage stem from his successful career on Broadway. Kevin has built up a large and loyal following due to the edgy/alternative roles he has played, including The Childcatcher in 'Chitty Chitty Bang Bang', Ed the Hyena in 'The Lion King' and Hedwig in 'Hedwig and the Angry Inch'. In fact, it was during Kevin's tour with Hedwig that he was inspired to realize his long-held ambition to front his own band.

In the original musical based on the New Line Cinema hit film starring Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore, Kevin plays the scene-stealing Boy George-obsessed bandmate of Robbie Hart, New Jersey's favorite wedding singer and the show's title character. 'The Wedding Singer' opens at Broadway's Al Hirschfeld Theatre on April 27th.


Hip Hop Veteran Kabir Releases New Album "Peaceful Solutions" April 25th

Kabir, a veteran of the Boston hip hop scene, will release his third full length album, "Peaceful Solutions" on April 25, 2006 in partnership between Uncle Trouble Music (Kabir's own label) and NYC based Raptivism Records. Kabir, who has released tracks in the past with Mr. Lif, Esoteric and Virtuoso, is unique as the only nationally recognized MC of South Asian descent. He is also the son of world-famous Nobel Prize winning economist Amartya Sen.

Like his father, Kabir focuses his talents on alleviating the ills plaguing world society. "Peaceful Solutions" takes a hard look at many of the struggles going on around the globe today and advocates a new way of attacking the problems that we as a society face. Tracks like "Where You At?" take a more personal look at Kabir's search for inner peace in addition to his belief in a more enlightened political process.

Vincent Merry, President of socially conscious Raptivism Records says "Kabir is in a unique position to influence people in many walks of life. We hope that his fusion of hip-hop, funk and conscious themes reaches that maximum number of people possible, starting in his home, Boston, where so many people come to study."

Kabir will be performing regularly around the northeast in support of the new album with initial CD Release Party dates in Boston and New York. On Friday, April 28th he will be at the Paradise Lounge ñ 969 Commonwealth Ave. in Boston with Primary Others, Elemental Zazen, ViceVersah and others. On Saturday, April 29th Kabir will bring his hip hop party to The Bowery Poetry Club ñ 308 Bowery, New York, NY along with label-mate L.I.F.E. Long, DJ Synapse, Elemental Zazen, and other special guests.

Kabir has recently joined a new group created by the Mayor's Office in Boston called, "Mayor Menino's Hip Hop Roundtable," addressing an increase in youth gun violence in and around. He runs workshops called "Hip hop as Education" at many private and public schools throughout the northeast. These workshops are designed to teach the youth of today about the positive power of music and hip hop and to encourage these students to find healthy ways to express themselves, while being respectful and true to the art.

"Peaceful Solutions" will be distributed thru Ryko Distribution and will be available initially in most major retail outlets throughout the northeast.


Provided by the MusicDish Network. Copyright © Tag It 2005 - Republished with Permission

Grand Stand

MusicDish Network Promotes 60's Love Child Astrella-Celeste

MusicDish, an Internet music magazine publisher and artist marketing/development firm, is proud to announce the addition of Pop/Jazz singer Astrella Celeste to the MusicDish Network roster. Combining a variety of online viral marketing strategies, the MusicDish Network will be coordinating a broad campaign in support of her debut album "Blue Star" (the Spanish translation of Astrella Celeste).


MusicDish At MIDEM: J-Music Distribution, France

J-Music Distribution describes itself as "the very first European distributor of Japanese music whose activities link Japanese artists and their management, Japanese record companies, and European distributors together to provide a stable framework of distribution from artists to music retail store."

Formed in December 2005, J-Music Distribution representatives brought their business vision to "MIDEM, The World Music Market's 40th Edition" conference in Cannes, France.


Toshi Reagon to Present Fanny with ROCKRGRL Women of Valor Award On April 20
Toshi Reagon has been named to present pioneering all-female rock group Fanny with the ROCKRGRL Women of Valor Award, Friday, April 20, at the Berklee Performance Center, located at 136 Massachusetts Ave., Boston. Read more...
Musicians Turn to Short Run DVD Production
Today's independent musicians have started using new technologies including On Demand Short Run CD/DVD Production, enabling them to order smaller batches of CDs and DVDs in real time online 24/7 and ship to customers, one at a time.
Press Release
Synesthesia Announces Mandala 2.0 High-Def Drum And Synthesizer