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Six Acoustic Guitar Tips
Here are a few free acoustic guitar tips every beginner will probably learn sooner or later. Some are harder to learn than others; forewarned is forearmed.
The Virgins and ASCAP: Did A Performance Rights Organization Do Anything For Us?
In 1995 I moved back to my hometown of Milwaukee with a group of college friends to start a band. We called ourselves The Virgins. Over the next five years this name would prove to be somewhat prescient. We played hundreds of shows throughout the Midwest, recorded one six-song cassette and two CDs, and made a lot of naive assumptions.
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Cool Gizmo Alert: Genz-Benz G-Flex 2x12
We're proud to launch a new product review series sponsored by YourGuitarist. is a web site offering Internet based development of custom guitar tracks for artists worldwide. allows musicians to avoid the high studio fees usually associated with producing guitar tracks for their songs.
Indie News Beat

February 7, 2005 Edition

* Rhonda Everitt Of Pale Beneath The Blue Gets Daisy Rock Guitar Endorsement
* Eddy Grant To Donate Proceeds From His Works For Rehabilitation Efforts In Guyana
* City Canyons Records, Avalon Distribution Enter Distribution Deal
* Gaz Reynolds Gets Wild On Radio
* Wampus Multimedia Releases Casey Abrams CD
* Radium88 Supreme Artist Award 2004 Presented by Radio Gets Wild
* RRadio Network - Survey 28 Results
* Turns Nine Years Old
* Alexa Digital Radio Seeks Indie Artists For Airplay And Promotion
* The Big Dumb Fun Show Finds The Top Spot

Rhonda Everitt Of Pale Beneath The Blue Gets Daisy Rock Guitar Endorsement

Late last year, Rhonda Everitt of Pale Beneath the Blue received an endorsement deal from Daisy Rock Guitars. Daisy Rock is the premiere manufacturer of guitars for girls and others who want something other than the typical stratocaster. Other Daisy Rock endorsees include such artists as Lisa Loeb, Louise Post of Veruca Salt, Donna R. of The Donnas and Robert Smith of The Cure.

"I was interested in having Daisy Rock make me a 'Wonder Woman' guitar made out of clear lucite, like Wonder Woman's invisible airplane," says Everitt on the genesis of the deal. "My thinking was that a guitar like that would match anything and thus be very versatile to use on stage. But I didn't really know how to go about getting one made. So, I sent Daisy Rock an email and I told them how much I loved their guitars, and recommended my Wonder Woman guitar design. They didn't offer to make what I wanted, but after checking out my music and press kit, they agreed to give me an endorsement deal."

Everitt picked a sparkling pink, Daisy Rock: Rock Candy Electric model guitar which she uses when she's playing with her full band. Everitt's current project, Pale Beneath the Blue, functions as either a duo (with Everitt on guitar and keyboards and Patrice Schlick on cello) or as a full band with a rotating roster of musicians and sometimes a choir. The music is "singer/songwriter electronica" with a rock edge, which means that Everitt gives you something to think about while you're dancing.

"I've been writing dreamy-sounding songs lately, and I've been adapting some of my acoustic songs to electric for Pale Beneath the Blue," Everitt says, "so the Daisy is perfect for that. I love electric. Distortion is my favorite. I can't wait to take the Daisy into the studio."

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Eddy Grant, Guyana's Most Famous Son, To Donate Proceeds From His Works For Rehabilitation Efforts In Guyana

Eddy Grant, Guyanese-born music legend, international superstar and recording artist has thrown the weight of his music and personality behind the people of Guyana as disease, hunger and homelessness threaten many communities after the recent floods that shutdown the capital city Georgetown and marooned entire villages and towns along Guyana's East Coast.

In making the announcement from Bayley's Plantation in Barbados, home of Ice Records and Blue Wave Studios, Guyana's most famous son pledged to donate funds from upcoming projects to the Ringbang Foundation to enable it to make a valuable and long lasting contribution to the rehabilitation of Guyana. All three projects represent the latest from the legendary artist who has been spending a lot of time in his native Guyana over the past few years using his influence to make a difference in the racially divided country, especially among the youth.

Eddy Grant has also committed the sites and to support an on-line presence where postings, links, information about disaster management and the human face of the relief efforts can be accessed and shared. These sites are available to individuals and organisations within Guyana or externally.

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City Canyons Records, Avalon Distribution Enter Distribution Deal

City Canyons Records announce an exlcusive distribution deal with Avalon Distribution, an independent Florida and New York based distributor. The agreement begins with the launch of a new interactive website by Avalon. Retailers may conveniently and safely order City Canyons releases at the new website located at

A spokesman for Avalon Distribution issued the following statement to retailers upon the launch of the new site: "Welcome to Avalon Distribution. Welcome to 40 plus years of experience distributing to music retailers around the world. Avalon Distribution originated in Brooklyn, NY and is now operating in New York and Florida with 100% customer satisfaction.

"After many years of waiting for the right independent label, we have found a home with City Canyon Records. City Canyons' is an exciting Manhattan-based label featuring new and emerging artists and re-discovering established artists. City Canyons' talented roster has achieved critical acclaim and has charted strongly among college and independent radio stations throughout North America and Europe.

"We are proud to be City Canyons' exclusive distributor and would like to assure retailers that when ordering from Avalon Distribution you can feel confident and secure. You never need to use a credit card to order online and all orders ship within 48 hours."

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Gaz Reynolds Gets Wild On Radio

One of the biggest independent musical exports from the UK to hit the States in recent times has been Gaz Reynolds. He's cool, gritty, funny and at one point possibly he went religious for a while?!?! Or did he????

Having released his new single 'On Holy Ground' he is now doing a series of PAs around Europe before embarking on a worldwide tour which will take him across the Atlantic to one of his biggest markets - USA. Included in this promotional montage of musical excitement from the 'misunderstood' Pop Artist, Gaz will be doing a number of radio interviews around the globe.

Having recently been interviewed for the third time on KSCQ FM by Mike Rowse in New Mexico, Gaz's ever increasing popularity has got him invitations on both AM/FM radio stations as well as internet radio. Upcoming radio interviews include; OWL Radio in Boca Raton, South Florida on 05.02.05 at 6pm (FL time), (this is Gaz's sixth interview on this show!) and Radio Gets Wild in UK on 09.02.05 (9pm UK time). Many more interviews are in the pipeline so check for updates on Gaz's website @

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Wampus Multimedia Releases Casey Abrams CD

Wampus Multimedia announces the release of 'Like a Mirror,' the new CD from Cambridge, Massachusetts-based songwriter Casey Abrams. Raised on a diet of Leo Kottke, Hoagy Carmichael, and Ry Cooder, Abrams has developed a style reminiscent of the finest traditional music, yet distinctive in its own right.

'Like a Mirror' is reverent and contemporary, at once in touch with tradition and aware of its surroundings. Influenced by the likes of Don McLean, Spider John Koerner, and Leon Redbone, Abrams thinks for himself while he genuflects, crafting original songs on traditional themes. Like Beck and Iron & Wine, he has plenty of pulp for the presses, and translates old parchments into today's breaking news.

Abrams plays what he calls "tramp art music," melding the folkier leanings of Paul Simon, Warren Zevon, and Randy Newman with hints of jazz and progressive rock. This synthesis evokes southern-gothic Americana while liberally quoting the best of Tin Pan Alley, and is sweetened by Abrams' delicately cynical vocals and a unique, finger-picked guitar style that recalls folk, ragtime, and country blues. Despite his old-style musical background, Abrams creates a sound that is thoroughly modern, a treat for fans of trad iconoclasts like Jeff Buckley and M. Ward.

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Radium88 Supreme Artist Award 2004 Presented by Radio Gets Wild

Its been another really busy year here at RGW with Artists submitting there wares for airplay and applying for the artist awards 2004. Already Artists are coming in strong for 2005 and the standard of music is mind blowing.

Radium88 a U.K. electronica band stood out from the crowd in 2004 to receive the supreme award for their album entitled Metamorphosis. "This band deserves to go all the way high into the charts on a global scale and why it has not been a-signed to a label for major record contracts i will never know. A truly high end quality band but don't just take our word for it, hear them for yourselves."

In the several years of their existence Radium88 have played live all over the UK and toured in Spain, Holland and Belgium . They've also had songs featured on a variety of CD compilations.

Most recently, highly regarded ambient label em:t featured a track on their em:t003compilation. Amid generally favourable reception, Future Music singled out radium's track "the loneliness of the long-distance space-traveller", describing it as "something Eno would've been proud of", and e i magazine called it "nearly 4 minutes of zero g drift and starshine". Their music has been featured on TV programmes around the globe and featured on radio stations on every continent.

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RRadio Network - Survey 28 Results

Audio Graphics' RRadio Network has released its report on Survey 28 - response from 1,898 online radio listeners on their race, religion, and ownership of portable music players. That's a strange combination of questions which shed more light on who listens to radio online.

About religion, 18.9% report being either Agnostic or Atheist. While the US population is reported by The CIA World Fact Book to be 52% Protestant, only 17% of respondents to RRadio Network's survey claim that religion. 24.8% say they're Roman Catholic.

As for race, 61.5% of listeners are Caucasian. 11.6% report they are Hispanic, 3.4% Black, and 4.1% Asian.

The most surprising statistic to come out of Survey 28, though, is that 67.7% of these 1,898 persons do not own a portable MP3 player. Not surprising is that, of those who do own a player, Apple's iPod sits at the top capturing 22.1% of this market. The next closest competitor is Sony with a 14.2% share.

Click for more info: Turns Nine Years Old, Celebrates With Music Events All Year Long

In 1996, Madalyn Sklar had a vision of bringing together female musical artists around the country. Nine years later that vision,, has grown beyond her wildest dreams. Sklar's dedication to female musicians across the county has propelled into the oldest and largest online community of independent women musicians.

In the last five years, Sklar has raised the awareness of the website by producing the GoGirlsMusicFest, Invasion of the GoGirls, Battle of the Bands, and other GoGirlsRock! events. In addition, she has spearheaded over 85 benefit showcases for various organizations including American Liver Foundation, MusiCares, Nicole Brown Charitable Foundation, Rock 'n' Roll Camp for Girls and more. She has served on music panels at 2NMC, Dfest, DIY Convention, Rockrgrl, Invasion of the GoGirls @ SXSW, and NEMO Music Festival. "Our organization was developed to promote women in music," enthuses Sklar. "Chicks rock and is a site dedicated to proving it."

2005 looks like it will be another exciting year for Preparations are underway for the 5th Annual "Invasion of the GoGirls" in Austin, Texas during the same time as the highly popular South by Southwest music conference weekend. GoGirls plans to showcase the best in emerging talent from across the country.

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Alexa Digital Radio Seeks Indie Artists For Airplay And Promotion

One of the top internet radio stations on the Live 365 Network is seeking indie artists for airplay on its station and promotion on the station's website. Genres played on the station are rock, hip-hop, R&B, pop and alternative.

There are over 5,000 stations on the Live 365 Network with a monthly total of more than 2.6 million listeners. Alexa Digital Radio is currently high ranking in the rock, hip-hop and pop genres.

Artist must submit their material online using the "Alexa Digital Radio Indie Artist Promotion/Sonicbids Combo Package". Sonicbids, the creator of the EPK (electronic press kit), is offering a 50% discount on the regular cost of a Sonicbids electronic press kit.

Apply for the "Alexa Digital Radio Indie Artist Promotion/Sonicbids Combo Package" and qualify for the 50% Sonicbids discount.

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The Big Dumb Fun Show Finds The Top Spot

A little show called "The Big Dumb Fun Show" that started over a year ago never thought that they would see such a huge response as it has now. As of the week of Jan. 29th, 2005, the show has become the highest syndicated and listened to show on the Internet.

"We never thought that it would get this big. It was a hobby that started as a time to vent about things that happened during the week", says Frank Arena, one of the co-hosts on the show. "We started with a local radio air talent that did not last very long. After that failed, I called up Venkman and asked him if he wanted to do it. The conversation lasted about 3 minutes, and he was in studio the next night".

Today, the show consists of 2 co-hosts; Frank Arena and Jeff Hirst; both from areas of Kansas City, Missouri. Arena goes by "Frank" on the show, and Hirst goes by "Venkman" because of his love for the hit movie "Ghostbusters". At the end of last year, they hired KJ Turner to bring more life to the show and to help with production, and moved Aaron Somers; the shows former producer; to show coordinator and resident stunt man.

"I really enjoy just being around the people in the studio, and having everyone together for one day a week. We have a great chemistry with each other", Arena says. This has been reflected in the shows appeal to both new affiliates and returning listeners. The shows listener base has increased dramatically; almost 5,000 percent; since the first of the year, most in part to affiliates that are now allowed to pick up the show. "The listeners really come from all the affiliates. Our main streams are primarily used for the transport to the different stations, and that is how we like it, that is how we prefer it", Arena said.

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Provided by the MusicDish Network. Copyright © Tag It 2005 - Republished with Permission

Grand Stand

MusicDish Network Promotes 60's Love Child Astrella-Celeste

MusicDish, an Internet music magazine publisher and artist marketing/development firm, is proud to announce the addition of Pop/Jazz singer Astrella Celeste to the MusicDish Network roster. Combining a variety of online viral marketing strategies, the MusicDish Network will be coordinating a broad campaign in support of her debut album "Blue Star" (the Spanish translation of Astrella Celeste).


MusicDish At MIDEM: J-Music Distribution, France

J-Music Distribution describes itself as "the very first European distributor of Japanese music whose activities link Japanese artists and their management, Japanese record companies, and European distributors together to provide a stable framework of distribution from artists to music retail store."

Formed in December 2005, J-Music Distribution representatives brought their business vision to "MIDEM, The World Music Market's 40th Edition" conference in Cannes, France.


Toshi Reagon to Present Fanny with ROCKRGRL Women of Valor Award On April 20
Toshi Reagon has been named to present pioneering all-female rock group Fanny with the ROCKRGRL Women of Valor Award, Friday, April 20, at the Berklee Performance Center, located at 136 Massachusetts Ave., Boston. Read more...
Musicians Turn to Short Run DVD Production
Today's independent musicians have started using new technologies including On Demand Short Run CD/DVD Production, enabling them to order smaller batches of CDs and DVDs in real time online 24/7 and ship to customers, one at a time.
Press Release
Synesthesia Announces Mandala 2.0 High-Def Drum And Synthesizer